Aimee Bollu

“ ‘Greatness’ exists in the inconspicuous and overlooked details.”

Leonard Koren.

This collection was conceived when I combed the urban landscape in Nottinghamshire, exploring the splendor that disregarded relics possess and untangling perceived waste in search unnoticed beauty. These treasures are unearthed and elevated, displayed with juxtaposing vessels in conventional materials of value and luxury: porcelain, glass and wood, to promote the original discovery. The assemblages are bound together in a blend of elusive forms that highlight the found objects, morsels of the artifacts they once were.

Inspiration for the objects derives from curiosity cabinets of the sixteenth century. The cabinets would be filled with rare, precious and bizarre objects, intended to arouse wonder in the mind of the viewer and provide aesthetic pleasure (Putnam 2001). I concoct uncanny versions of the past or those that never existed, hybrids of well – known utensils or tools.

These ambiguous pieces display presumed functions, a whisper of their previous life or a gesture to their new fabricated alterations. The collection is the Nottinghamshire Hoard, precious to those who wish to see its beauty and worth. Obtain pleasure and enjoyment deducing the purpose of the collection and other redundant objects.

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