Alex Milne

“Tactile Nostalgia: collections of a material obsession”, presents an intimate installation of contemporary jewellery, inspired by visual and textural memories. It is a vehicle for expression; testing the integrity of various materials, and their ability to tell a story.

After following the intrigue of re-defining a ‘precious’ material, the collection uses discarded and found objects to build a visual narrative of life and childhood. Inspired by a magpie-like obsession with natural materials, and the constant battle to preserve their temporary beauty, it highlights their sensitive interaction with the hands and skin, questioning how these materials pose a textural comfort in their own fragility. Each like a tiny treasure, intuitive to the touch, they beg to be held and worn. “Tactile Nostalgia” invites you to interact, engage and obsess.

Encompassed in 100% eco silver, the collection is ethical, emotive and expressive. With a defining memory accompanying each individual piece, the personal worth of the jewellery is determined purely by the viewer’s appreciation and understanding of its physical and emotional story.

With special thanks to: Kelvin Lowe and Martyn Blundell.

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