Alice Boyle

‘Beyond our Reach’ – Focusing on spatial awareness, surface, colour and degree of depth within our Solar System, we can only imagine what is beyond and outside of our reach.

Discovering how the impact of light and colour can affect atmospheric mood. Exploring different methods of combining surface pattern and layering, light and colour are trapped in transparency, demonstrating a sense of depth and captured motion.

Inspiration derives from the texture, colour and forms within the cosmos. Translating planetary surface textures with a fresh and contemporary approach, each layer of lucid ambiance creates a visually compelling exploration of colour which corresponds with current interior trends. Each item has the capability to stand alone, yet when displayed as a range can cohesively project an ambient mood.

The designs provide a niche product range with a high degree of functionality combined with a dynamic aesthetic appeal. They form a range of interior products, currently comprising of steps, wall mounted items and lighting. Linked by colour and form, each piece represents a range of bespoke artistic products, meticulously crafted, offering a unique blend of art and science.

Looking to the future, the work has ambition to be involved in large scale architectural development.

Alice would like to thank; Anthony WassellCavalier sheet metal and Ablectrics for all their help

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