Ananya Bevinakatti

“Fabric feels fundamental. It’s pure, and honest. When you hand weave fabric you are consumed by the act of it. The process is tiresome, each thread is like a vein; crucial no matter how fine. It is a test of patience, stamina and persistence, through frustration, monotony and even meditation. I believe that it is part of a cycle that contains life within it. Each hand woven piece of fabric holds a history, a story, a personality.”

Ananya’s latest hand-woven collection aims to challenge the preconceptions of menswear and restore an appreciation for slow-fashion through the use of traditional techniques, natural materials and modest design in a world obsessed with globalisation and technology.

This collection unfolds Ananya’s own perspective of a delicate dialogue between two distinct cultures; the vibrancy of the Indian landscape, her solace within its chaos, combined with a composure and sensibility, a kind of poise found only in the British lifestyle. The fabrics combine carefully selected elements from both cultures; from the sensitivity of the colour palette –inspired by the cityscape of Sholapur, to the weave – inspired by the classic Tweed, traditionally constructed to create a sophisticated, sincere and timeless collection.

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