Anne Williams

The theme of my work comes from nature focusing mainly on flowers as I like the colours, patterns and shapes. Growing up on a farm in the countryside there is a lot of nature around for me to find inspiration from. I enjoy taking photographs of nature especially outside on a sunny day when all the flowers are out. I also enjoy drawing, I like using charcoal to get the patterns and shapes from the flowers. I use my photographs and drawings to make my designs in Photoshop.

My designs are very colourful and have some repeated sections. I then turn these designs into digital printed fabrics. My designs are made up of a mixture of photographs and drawings, some layered up on top of each other, and some on their own. Some have sections of strong colour, such as orange, purple, pink, green and yellow from the photographs which are complimented by the lines from the drawings. I stitch into my design to make sections stand out more. This also creates texture you can feel and see. I often use french knots and straight stitches because I think they work the best for what I want to achieve. I enjoy making products for the home to add a spark of beauty and colour to a room, or to make a plain room look more exciting.

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