Anya Miles

This collection is inspired by themes of memory and transformative processes. Materials and processes have been selected that are multivalent and evoke different times and places. Striking contrasts run throughout the collection, such as jet combined with matt silver and solid forms contrasting scaffold-like silhouettes. Jet is used within the work because it is a fossil, a preserved memory, the static ancient bark imprint remains on each piece. Contrast also occurs between the forms and their decorative surface; the forms are derived from industrial machines and architecture whereas the etched surface is taken from abstracted details of wood rings and tree bark. This is suggestive of the past life of the jet as well as being a symbol of time and age. The process of etch in itself is central to the collection as it involves the surface of the silver being slowly eaten away, altering and transforming the exterior, the technique is simultaneously organic and carefully constructed. The tension between the juxtaposing elements in this work create a fluid narrative with is open to interpretation.

An interactive element is crucial to the project, as the objects invite the observer to explore the works.  Many of the jewellery pieces are micro-compositions with interchangeable elements, a sensitive balance of scale and negative space playing an essential role in their creation. Miniature-vessels allow the wearer to store a keepsake, such as a locket would, evoking memories and creating a sentimental value.

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