Bee Rostberg-Foster

Bee Rostberg-Foster explores ceramics from a versatile and charismatic perspective. Through her work she strongly considers the diversity enabled through the process of mould making. The collection has a strong emphasis around the concept of constructing and the stacking of separate components of vessels.

The initial influence for her ceramic collection is the combination of two main elements. One of which being first hand experience of traveling around South East Asia and the second being enthusiasm to direct this into the exploration of function and form within mould making.

The interchangeable shapes of the vessels all started from found objects being filled with plaster, which formed the foundation for making her specialised plaster moulds. Each mould has been devised through careful consideration. The sections can be arranged in numerous ways and with ease once at the slip casting stage of the making process.

The colours incorporated within her ceramic collection come directly from the distinct palette of tones and textures found around South East Asia, including areas of Malaysia and Thailand. Through her designs Bee aims to produce work which is unique and fits into contemporary and adaptable interiors, adding a curious and attractive feature to a space.

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