Chloe Adams

Exploring the geometry of London’s architecture to create striking designs with strong
emphasis on line and form, this range of hand-stitched tapestries creates juxtaposition
between historical techniques and contemporary trends. Inspired by the work of Mondrian,
Albers and other artists of the Bauhaus movement, each design has a closely considered
composition and colour palette.

Complimented by the use of Perspex, an increasingly popular material, the bespoke furniture
designs display the tapestries in an innovative way, providing the option to instantly change
the design, colour or shape of the tapestry. Consequently, allowing the piece to compliment
the interior design of any home or workplace. This uniqueness provides the potential to
request a completely personalised design. Combining passions for textiles, interiors and
furniture design, a concept has been produced that truly reflects the inspirations of the

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