Chloe Owens

Taking inspiration from modernist architecture and structures, the basis of this collection derived from architect Oscar Niemeyer; the designs consider the strong shapes of his architecture, combined with using softer, minimal forms with a real contemporary feel to make a unique collection of handbags.
From this, architecturally inspired handbags have been created to have a relationship with the body and have the ability to curve around the natural shape. Aiming to push unusual designs by using innovative structural ideas to create new plastic manipulated materials that are included within the leather handbag. Being able to see into the contents of the bag
ability of seeing into the contents of the bag was always an attractive and key concept, as it is not
something that is normally you are able to do. Structural geometric forms of traditional pleating and folding methods inspire this idea, the manipulation of plastic is a modern approach to handbag design due the unique materials used to create a collection of contemporary leather handbags.
• Structural • Intricate • Textural • Contemporary• Linear • Pleats • Transparent • Layering •
Minimalist • Clean lines • Contrast• Effortless • Manipulated • Modern• Surface relief • Strong
lines •Folded •