Deborah Burke

With an interest in the construction and deconstruction of objects; the application of line in surface and repair and the juxtaposition of non-conventional materials, this collection uses the medium of ceramics to explore form, colour and surface manipulation.

Drawing on the enjoyment of developing surfaces through mark-making, the work considers stitch as a key component to its process. Through material exploration, a series of flexible moulds have been constructed from vibrant coloured dish cloths. Using slip-cast porcelain to complete the work the collection exists as a contemporary take on dialogue. Inspired by the colour of the initial mould-making material, accents have been used to highlight key components and surfaces in the work. The result is a playful collection of conversational ceramic objects and with its desire to evoke narrative, the viewer is invited to interact with the collated objects.

Through compositional manipulation the work promotes curiosity, which in turn becomes a further enhancement of its original state. Exploring these compositional elements of colour, space and form, it is hoped that the viewer will consider the use and value of materials in the context of contemporary craft and rediscover the beauty in what we take as the everyday.