Elle Maxwell

Elle Maxwell produces a range of ceramic and blown glass lighting which strives to be minimalistic and sensitive, yet a warm and inviting focal point to a space.

Her initial inspiration came from forms of natural geometry like those found in crystal, rock and stone. The purity in colour and texture of the white parian clay relates to that of smooth pebbles, and the gentle facets to those of natural crystal. Specks of colour are used in areas to add detail to the white body, resulting in a soft granite-like surface.

A sensitive approach to form and aesthetic is important to her throughout her pieces. To help achieve this she uses a series of unique processes, including methods of sanding back the surface of the fired clay into subtle facets. The speckled detail consists of a developed method of grinding up coloured clay and returning it to the casting process. The ceramic is left unglazed, resulting in a smooth, matt finish which is translucent and allows a warm glow to pass through when lit.

Elle aims to attain a high standard of quality and a consideration towards trend in the lighting market. The lamps are designed to be a contemporary addition to both home and public spaces, with an emphasis on spacious, serene and peaceful environments.

With special thanks to: Anthony Wassell, W Coates and Sons, Deryck Smith from Lampfix, Andrew Harris, Carly Stafford and Jude Wensley.