Georgina Evans

My final collection serves the dual purpose of interchangeable pieces between body adornment and display. Originating from the idea that jewellery doesn’t have to be worn on the body to be displayed. Using ethically sourced horn and hair from all over the world, I have created a collection of androgynous body adornments in the form of brooches.

I’m aiming to reduce the client to their most primitive state of being, in the hope of promoting the equality of gender and species through androgynous jewellery. This led to the title of my collection; Beastly

Incorporating hand finished Buffalo and Indian cow horn with brass, I have produced a simple but effective design that enables the consumer to wear and display the product. Brass sections of the design house a tailor- made brooch back, enabling the client to drape and suspend the piece anywhere, interior or otherwise.

Complimenting my first collection, I have formed an army of brooches containing human hair, sourced from Asia and Hong Kong. These statement brooches are displayed by simply pinning onto an item of clothing or turning upside down to create a base for the hair to drape from.