Hannah Livesley

“My passion is to translate a positive and vibrant individuality enhanced by a true impression of craftsmanship”

This collection explores the idea of placing odd combination of objects together to form a curiosity based on composition. The element of fun and performance has been greatly inspired throughout the work along with the theme of tropical birds and other oddball objects.

Hannah Livesley’s ideas have formed through explorative hand drawn illustrations with the engaging element of the imagery travelling across the pages. This method has given a story like quality adding to the sense of curiosity to turn the page.

In mind of contemporary craft Hannah’s original illustrations have given the basis for her three dimensional elements. Selecting the accents from her drawings, the forms have been reflected through crafting clay using only the hand build method. The forms along with the illustrations will form the collection of oddity that work together to create the essence of a performance.

“All my forms are hand built, this process of working with the clay means that there is a strong involvement with each individual piece. I endeavour to create a fun and unique aspect to my work starting from my illustrations that have been the reflection for my three dimensional forms. I have been inspired by odd combinations of objects and giving these a sense of purpose and reality by capturing these in collections. My work describes a sense of curiosity rather than the exact representation which I hope gives the viewer a sense of intrigue and a long lasting desire to explore.”