Indea Garlick

Indea Garlick is a British handbag and accessories designer maker that has the perfect combination of function and style. The bags are handmade and high quality by the use of the finest leathers. The bags will range in form with subtle accents of colour.

The brand focuses on juxtaposition of everyday objects with eccentric design, creating inspiring collections. Functionality is an integral part of the design DNA, complimenting the subtle tread identity to produce timeless pieces. The innovative style has created its own niche market within luxury fashion accessories.

The initial inspiration for this project is drawn from admiring shoe soles which then developed into an interest in tyres and their treads. This idea continued by looking into a variety of tread patterns to see how this could be incorporated into handbag design. The functional elements to the handbags will not only be decorative but will also fit a purpose. The handbags are all uniquely designed, with the main inspiration focusing on everyday objects.

The collection consists of various items of kitchenware such as toasters, kettles, rolling pins and graters.

A tyre tread pattern has been developed and is engraved on subtle elements of the collection. A silicone treaded base has been added to a selection of the bags. The idea behind this is to provide a hard wearing base to increase durability, which has a detachable element depending on the customer preference and to provide a personal aspect to the brand.