Jemma Brown

Highly influenced by juxtaposing themes of natural forms and architecture, Jemma Brown explores structure through the combination of both influences. Inspired by fluent curves in nature Jemma captures this interest through her drawings, however she extracts the geometrical structure of the natural forms and creates an interesting contrast through her 3D designs.

Birch wood and acrylic are the two main materials used in Jemma Brown’s practice, recognised as strong, rigid materials; Jemma changes their characteristics to a fabric-like flexible material through the use of laser cutting techniques.

Jemma currently bases her work on the idea of controlling an individual’s movement through an empty space by designing large scale installations consisting of lighting. This installation could be used for various purposes such as for hotel lobbies, gallery spaces, contemporary office spaces, outdoor/garden features, etc. The idea of its purpose for an outdoor space also leads to other possibilities such as solar lighting. Jemma’s direction into lighting compliments the laser cut pattern, primarily designed to change the flexibility of the chosen material, however this functional design creates an aesthetic linear style of decoration too.

Alongside the concept of controlling movement through a space, Jemma explores further into pushing the boundaries of manipulating materials through the use of laser cutting in other lighting pieces as well, focusing on the shape and form of the objects.

Jemma would especially like to thank LEDlightszone for all their help.

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