Jodie Haines

It seems that a lifelong love of being in the water, be it the sea or the pool, has subconsciously been the reasoning behind the creation of a collection swim and beachwear.

The collection is a fusion of ideas. Initially inspired by contour lines on maps, I have investigated how this could relate to the body, fluid lines echoing the curvature of the human form. Another inspirational source was a trip to Miami, where the art deco architecture and beautiful colours, enhanced further by the sun, were explored first hand. Drawing was informed by the architecture, which has been developed into more abstract print designs.

A contemporary collection has been created, which is reflected in the chosen colour palette. The palette has a cool, crisp quality that enhances the print designs, while experimentation with screen printed iridescent and silver foil details has added an interesting effect to the fabric. The foil reflects surrounding colour and casts colour back onto the fabric. The fabric and print designs therefore alter with the light, and this effect will be heightened by reflections of sunlight from water. Interest in placement print is evident in the work, this has been explored both manually and digitally, using drawing as a starting point.

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