Kate Harvey

Psychotherapy service Harley Therapy state: ‘Some people have replaced human interaction with cyber interaction, which often fails to satisfy the need to belong.’

This main focus of this piece of work is to re-connect a society which has been divided by the age of digital communication. Letter writing is a commitment in many ways, it takes time, effort and thought, something which is often seen as outdated and irrelevant in the ever increasing pace of 21st century life. This work endeavours to reinstate this art form back into today’s society.

‘There has always been something that frustrates me about receiving letters, what to do with them after you’ve received them. I want them to be present enough in my living space to be able to pick them up and read with ease, but I also want to store them in a way which preserves their precious and personal nature.’ – Kate Harvey

archive is a system of communication, intended to be between two loved ones, which encourages the continual act of letter writing. An archive set is bought at the beginning of the year by each participant. Letters are written, sent and then stored in a wall hanging which acts as a storage system but also a piece of artwork. As the letters are stored they build a story of friendship as well as a colourful pattern. The set also includes illustrated, home grown, seasonal recipes, which can be sent to mark and celebrate events in the year (e.g. Valentines day, Easter, Christmas).


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