Lauren Quinn

With a strong interest in surface and brand identity, this sophisticated yet playful collection demonstrates the use of a simple and anonymous series of patterns that most of us see in our daily lives. By adding a design element, it allows these surfaces to stand-alone and be recognised for their quality and simplicity. The humble envelope security pattern is often disregarded without a seconds thought, however within this series of products it is emphasised and has inspired the complete collection.

As the digital world takes over, e-mails are the new form of communication; these patterns that line our envelopes will slowly become a rare thing to find. Combining hand methods with digital processes, this is a reflection of the handwritten letter and the digital e-mail, and provides evidence that the two can work together. The aim of this collection is to make letter-writing a trendy and stimulating activity within a world that revolves around technology.

Bridging the gap between 2D and 3D, these surfaces have an added dimension, which can be translated into numerous materials, processes and outcomes.

With special thanks to: Sue Turton, Mark Flanagan, Bonington shop staff, The Design Station Ltd, Jason Marks, Rachel Carter and Howie Johnson.

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