Maria Belcher

Maria‚Äôs passion for design is rooted in her childhood. From watching her grandfather paint, to listening to her mother play the piano, and with a history of performing arts, she grew up in an environment where creativity was encouraged and praised. She believes her work is a product of this creativity. Working with a range of media’s throughout her degree, she has discovered that her strengths are found in her design ideas and themes, pursuing these with the belief that creative projects never truly end and ideas can always be pushed further.

Maria has developed a range of prints that started out as basic line drawings taken from her own photographs. The lace pattern is taken from an original tablecloth used regularly on her dinner table in her family home, and the animal print is a result of experimental drawings done on a trip to South Africa visiting her sister who has just emigrated there. It was important that her patterns came from a personal influence as she feels that we are all, consciously or subconsciously, visually influenced by our environments and wanted to use this concept as a basis for this project.

Trend conscious with a strong interest in fashion and interiors, she has created a range of products aimed at the popular music festival market. Combining this with her prints has enabled Maria to express a range of abilities through pattern design and translate it into 3D design. A burst of excitement and creative energy that she hopes will be translated through her work.

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