Meghan Ulyatt

My work focuses on the linear aspect of details found within the structures of pylons. We see pylons daily but few appreciate the intricate detail in them. Pylons are constructed to withstand the elements at their worst and are done so in a creative way. My work breaks down the structure and re-forms it in a fragmented manner to create a deconstructed pylon. I wanted the patterns to be used in a practical manner, which is why I decided to design lamp covers. I like the idea that my designs have a ‘useful purpose’. Also I find it interesting that the designs, which stem from pylons, which distribute electricity, are being used on an electrical object, like a return to their roots. Each lamp is slightly different, giving them a unique quality and individuality.

My patterns were created using different techniques. I started by drawing simple linear patterns I saw in the pylons, focusing on elements such as cables and structure. I then took these patterns and worked with them in Photoshop, layering them and adding depth. I then painted different colour samples and textures to add colour to the designs and add a painterly effect into some elements of the patterns. The textures allowed me to add to the hand-drawn aspect of my designs. I found that muted colours with darker details worked better with the lamps light source shining through, and worked from there to develop my final designs.


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