Melody Vaughan

“For if the intervention is to find its place, it must make us see what already exists in a new light.”            Peter Zumthor

I am fascinated by the act of looking, what people see or don’t see of the world around them.  This work explores the relationships that can exist between the viewer, objects and location.  It seeks to engage people to help them connect to what is around them, to offer unusual perspectives and viewpoints.

Architecture and urban spaces are my inspiration, in particular the surprises and contrasts present in these spaces: contrasts between old and new, the juxtaposition of materials in buildings and structures, the beauty in ordinary materials, and the hidden, unexplored areas that can exist even in the busiest of locations.

Taking locations within the City of London as a focus, I have created objects which will help people ‘see’ the City- its contradictions of ancient and modern, the way it is integral to London but slightly apart, how it is thoroughly urban and yet often eerily empty.  The large sculptural pieces act as visual clues or signposts to intriguing views, and arrest the viewer momentarily. Complimenting these static, site-specific sculptures is a range of porcelain ‘portable viewfinders’ which the viewer can carry around with them on an urban outing, or discover unexpectedly in city sites.  These objects help people to find their own interesting urban contrasts, or new ways of seeing things around them.

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