Naomi Pickford

For what seemed like forever, Naomi hadn’t found that one thing she wanted to do with her talent. By a stroke of chance she stumbles upon what she wanted to do for the rest of her days and nothing is stopping her now.

Despite the world of porcelain dolls being an old fashion thing, Naomi has taken a simple childhood memory and pulled it apart to create modern, fashionable, luscious collectables that can be adored by many. The few who don’t like the idea soon change their minds once setting their eyes on these one of a kind creations. Each doll has her own personality, style and her own story to tell.  Each piece is full posable, individually hand painted and decorated, using only the finest materials available. With each passing theme the skills only increase and the pieces become more and more delicately beautiful.

Naomi hopes in the future that she can take off under her own business, MoonLit Dolls, to create and sell these unique women full time and permanently.

They are not just dolls but a magical experience, each with her own story to tell.


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