Natalie Jones

This interior print designer began her final year looking at creating brightly coloured, vivid prints that would be suitable for a contemporary interior. Her work is inspired by the riparian animals and insects of Britain.

This subject passion stems from her child hood experiences of playing by a stream and the fantasy created within this environment. Colours are brighter and happier in memories and the unexpected exotic colours of king fishers and iridescence surface on a dragon flies wings heavily influence her prints. Her work is inspired by designers that focus on colour and how an illustrative drawing and painting style can create a variety of interesting patterns.

An important aspect of her work is the touch and feel of these high-end products, printing onto silk means that the buyer gets a beautiful product not only to look at, but to feel as well. Combinations of leather, silk, and sateen finishes create an interesting texture to the products.

Not only can her prints be applied to contemporary floor cushions, but they have also been visualised as wallpapers, lighting and furniture. She wants her work to be recognised as soon as people walk into a room, creating a conversation between them and bringing a vivid palette of happiness to the environment.

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