Natasha Sharpe

A collection of ceramic pieces most being traditionally thrown, including tea pots, cups, spoons, and other related wares. Process was the leading factor influencing the design of the collection, transforming a somewhat raw material into something that can either be used or admired.

Creating iconic forms such as the ‘tea pot’ on the wheel was a starting point which lead to more forms being explored along the way. The process is very hands on and skill has developed, and informed the look of the collection. There is something quite beautiful about moulding and manipulating clay using only a wheel and your hands, the fact that no two pots are ever the same is something I wanted to celebrate.

The way that the pot feels was also something that was considered in the making process the cups for example needed to feel and fit well in your hands when you use them but each one is different. The glaze application is also by hand, either painted or dipped, the influence for the colour and decoration is originally taken from observations of natural forms such as leaves and dried flowers as clay is essentially dug from the ground and the ground supports the things that grow in it. Finding lines in nature and drawing them repeatedly lead to the use of masking sections off, crating lines that allow the body of the clay to be its own decoration.

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