Past Events


Curated by Melody Vaughan


Organised by Sabira Silcock and Sophie Rosak

Friday 26th November


Before I die

Organised by Ananya Bevinakatti

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to the ‘Before I Die’ project by my brother last year and couldn’t miss the opportunity to organize it in my own University building at Nottingham Trent University. Though it was only up for a week, the success of it was completely overwhelming. The Art & Design department have loved sharing their hopes and dreams with each other this past week. The wall truly brought people together and we even managed to raise a little money for our Decorative Arts degree show during the wall’s closing party. We can’t wait to introduce the project to the rest of Nottingham!

Cherished from the 16th – 23rd April 2013”      – Ananya Bevinakatti