Rachel Kitchin

‘Designed to bring the outdoors indoors’

Porcelain slipcast planters, which can be used in various ways whether it’s a piece of jewellery, or something to add life to your walls, these pieces can cover it. With the popular geometric theme throughout and the specific colours used adds to the outdoor theme.

The ideas generated after spending a lot of time within garden during the last few summers and she wanted to bring that relaxed environment indoors, to add peace and harmony to the room. The structure was developed around the outline of a rock or stone and then developed into a more simplistic geometric 3D forms. The colours was then developed around the surrounding area where Rachel lives to bring a fresh, cool feeling indoors.

The process mainly used was slipcasting the main form and then delicately hand cut to add a more unique feel to each piece. The hint of detail to the pieces, is a layered up outline design of a rock or stone, to add to the geometric feel.