Rebecca Diggle

Inspired by a personal connection with New Zealand, this capsule collection takes the mood and feeling of escape felt when surrounded by nature. Pulling you back to the reality of the modern world, urban references juxtapose the natural landscape of New Zealand, with a focus of contemporary colour being applied to the urban and natural patterning. This collection reflects the senses, texture and structure of both metropolitan and mountainous landscapes. Inspiration came from interlinking the two different settings, exploring locations of solitude and escape. Trying to be free of the urban environment and returning to a place of idealistic sanctuary.

Inspired by sources from nature and urban environments, combined in this collection, within the garment escape and reality have been captured, balancing each other out. Using visual research to explore colour, mark-making, subtle detail with the addition of pleated fabric, distorting the print. Screen-printing as well as digital printing have been important processes within this collection, combining the two techniques references the modern world in relation to traditional techniques.