Rosie Attwood

‘I don’t feel it is important for items we own to have a purpose; as long as my pieces are engaging, intriguing and tactile I feel function is unnecessary.’

 The key theme which has inspired my collection comes from naturally worn textures found within derelict structures, old ruined walls and worn frames. I wanted to depict the natural damage and state within these structures, walls and surfaces, creating pieces which demonstrate beauty found through natural deterioration. I like the idea of having objects in and around the home which mirror natural states; highlighting details we do not always notice or appreciate.

 My ceramics are all formed through traditional hand-building techniques such as coiling, press moulding and pinching, allowing me to connect with the clay and manipulate it in a personal way. The dents and imperfect forms of my pieces are aspects which I value;  I feel these allow each vessel to develop its own, unique style and presence within the collection.

 I have developed the surfaces within the collection using grogged clay and distinctive glaze recipes in order to reflect my initial inspiration. The sensitive colour palette throughout provides a bond within the collection; bringing together a variety of scale and form.