Sarah Clifford

In my products I focus on the qualities and value of materials, utilising waste leather to add value to the otherwise discarded resource.  There is a strong concentration on the sustainability of desirable materials and up-cycling of textiles.

The main process of weaving is time consuming and all the materials considered for the products are desirable making the pieces bespoke.  I would want the pieces to be used a lot, the sought-after materials are sustainable and products have been highly developed through the manufacturing.  The intention for the range is to be a part of a capsule wardrobe, breaking away from mass production and fast fashion.

The designs are for the female form, the piece is a leather and hand woven bag, with the weave applied to digitally printed lining and dresses, by repeating the woven patterns, the digital format is then printed onto organic materials.

The inspiration began with lace,  creating lace illustrations when researching in the lace archive at Nottingham Trent.  This adds an element of heritage to the project, looking at the patterns in the vintage lace dating back to the nineteenth century, then using the innovative technique of digital embroidery to create surface pattern.

Modern technology in conjunction with hand methods creates an exciting combination.  The woven samples have a handmade quality, translating into the digital prints of the weaves on organic silk, there still retains that feel of being handcrafted, as does the digital embroidery, perhaps due to the feel of the source of inspiration, Nottingham lace. The products explore a range of processes and have developed in the application of colour, creating innovative materials, designs and products.