Urvee Shah

We are losing a big part of our identity as individuals- our traditions. Shadowing Traditions showcases a collection of a range of ceramic vessels that has been developed to portray a fusion between the contemporary Western world forms and traditional African patterns.

Through the use of careful colour selection and delicately cut out patterns, these vessels have been able to display and show off the time-honoured exquisite nature of the patterns. The material used is porcelain as it is best able to produce sleek white exteriors that contrast well with the solid blocks of the colourful interiors. Inspiration was led by the constant battle between moving with the future trends while not wanting to forget and/or let loose of traditions because traditions are what shape us.

This collection is multifunctional as per the desired use of the owner. Focus is directed towards the function of these vessels as tea light holders as upon lighting them from within, the patterns are reflected onto its surroundings to create a warm ambience.

With special thanks to: Andrew Harris, Anna Hunt, Jude Wensley, Martyn Blundell and Carly Stafford.