Zoe Chappelle

‘Make Pasta’ is a collection where each component has been designed to play an important role in the production of pasta. Engagement between product and user is the primary aim for the collection. The 6 components not only serve a function but also rouse the senses through the aesthetics, touch and theatre.

‘Make Pasta’ invites the user to play. After measuring out the flour with the measuring bowl that has unprecedented soft and flexible properties, the user may rearrange and stack the patterned and tactile Salt Blocks, or become tempted to push around the glass oil bottle that rocks from side to side, showing the swirling oil, all whilst dodging the suspended eggs.

Dual functionality is also an important aspect of the collection. The lid for the spherical flour container doubles up as a sieve and rings slotted onto the bubbling glass rolling pin means that it can cut pasta into unique shapes.

The collection is a reaction against the masses of utensils currently on the market, where engagement with design has been lost. ‘Make Pasta’ does not take itself seriously and this injects theatre and fun into cooking.